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A few notes on software. Many software packages can be modified to operate the DE QSO Party by editing the files of another QSO Party to work with Delaware. If you unsure how to do this contact the software author for help or ask the author to include the DE QSO Party in their software package.

After the contest make sure the Cabrillo file is correct, to include the final score times the power multiplier spelled out in the DEQSO Party Rules as most logging software won't do this for you.

GenLog by W3KM, Dave Mascaro, is a great logger for the DE QSO party. When installing the software make sure to also install the latest updates. When you run the software also remember on the setup screen to select your Op Status and Power Class, A= Low Power, B= High Power, Q= QRP. From the main logging screen, click file, new contest, states and scroll down to the Delaware QSO Party. After the contest the Cabrillo file is generated by clicking on LOG at the top of the page and selecting " Write Cabrillo Log." The Cabrillo log file will be written to the GenLog directory and the name will be "yourcall.txt" (example: K3QBD.txt)

SD by EI5DI, Paul O'Kane, is another great choice for the Delaware QSO Party. When selecting the contest make sure if your in state to select the Delaware QP, DE. Out of state stations should select Delaware QP, DX. After the contest use SDCheck which was installed along the SD to generate the Cabrillo file.

N1MM by Tom, N1MM. N1MM now supports the Delaware QSO Party. You can download N1MM at, http://www.n1mm.com/. Make sure to also download the available updates. N1MM scores the DEQP per the power class you select and adds the appropriate power multiplier to each contact so there is no need to do this at the end of the contest. For help and support of N1MM check, http://www.n1mm.com. 

Delaware stations select DE as the "State for Log Type QSOParty" within the QSOPARTY module. 

Stations outside of DE, select IN7QPNE as the "State for Log Type QSOParty" within the QSOPARTY module.

Here is the link in the N1MM manual that covers this:


CQ/X by NO5W, Charles W Sanders, Jr. For someone who wants to operate mobile during the DE QSO party this looks like the program to have. Pre-route planning , GPS enabled with auto detection of current county are just some of the many features included in the this package. Also outputs Cabrillo files for post contest submission. As my minor decription does not do it justice I highly recommend you go to the NO5W site for the details of this full featured logging program. Thanks to ALAN C SEWELL, N5NA for his work to add the DE QSO Party to this fine package.

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