Delaware QSO Party

 The county designations are:

New Castle County     NDE

Kent County               KDE

Sussex County            SDE

Please note: modes like FT8 and FT4 are currently not scored or supported but we are looking to make that happen for 2021. Older digital modes like PSK31, and RTTY are still counted.

Object: To contact as many in the Delaware Stations as possible.

Date: First full weekend in May

Contest Period: 1700Z, May 2 to 2359Z, May 3, 2020

Categories: Multi-Multi not permitted. Power categories are accounted for in the multiplier section of the rules.


Exchange: Delaware stations send signal report and county. Stations outside Delaware send signal report and state, province or DX.


Valid Contacts: Work Delaware stations once per band and mode. Delaware stations work anyone. Delaware stations may contact other Delaware stations but contacts only count for QSO point credit.


QSO Points Stations inside DE, 1 point per phone QSO, 2 points for digital modes to include CW. Stations outside DE, 10 points per phone QSO, 20 points per digital QSO.


Multipliers: Delaware stations use, states, Canadian provinces, and DXCC countries. Stations outside Delaware use Delaware counties, New Castle (NDE), Kent (KDE), and Sussex (SDE). 

Work K3QBD the First State ARC club station for an additional 2x multiplier. Watch the website FSARC.ORG for updates on special stations that could be available as extra multipliers.


Power Multiplier: Stations not indicating power level within their log will be scored as operating with greater than 150 watts. Greater than 150 watts (>150 watts), total score X1, 150 watts or less (< = 150 watts) total score X2, 5 watts or less (< = 5 watts), total score X3.


Scoring: Final score = the total of QSO points X location multipliers X power multiplier, X extra multiplier bonus points, + 50 point electronic submission bonus if applicable.


Suggested frequencies: Phone: 1860, 3960, 7260, 14.280, 21,360, 28.360.  CW: 1825, 3550, 7050, 14.050, 21.050, 28.050. Digital modes per ARRL band plan.

 No paper logs with more than 50 contacts will be accepted for award credit.

Electronic entries are STRONGLY encouraged and should include a complete Cabrillo format log.

If your software does not provide that option, include a summary file and log file in plain text format. Logs should indicate times in UTC, bands, modes, calls and complete exchange. Cabrillo log filenames must be either 'urCall.log' or "urCall.cbr'.  Delaware stations should use the ARRL section designator DE as their location in the log setup. Non DE stations should use their ARRL Section or 2 letter state abbreviation. DX stations should use DX.

Please remember if your software only outputs ADIF format there are many ADIF to Cabrillo converters available on the Internet.

Paper entries are to use the provided summary and log sheets. Summary SheetsLog Sheets



Awards will be presented to the following:

Top 3 scoring stations in Delaware

Top 3 scoring stations in each Delaware County

Top 3 scoring Stations in the Continental United States

Top 3 scoring DX stations

Electronic entries must be sent via e-mail within 30 days to qsoparty at google's mail system
(Cabrillo format preferred). Make sure to put your call sign and DEQSO in Subject Line, example: (K3QBD DE QSO Party Log).

Paper logs with less than 50 contacts may be sent within 30 days to DE QSO Party P.O. Box 1050, Newark, Delaware 19715-1050