Delaware QSO Party - 2014 Information

Logs Due in by March 4th, 2014

Thanks you everyone for participating in this years contest. Keep posted for results and news.

Date: February 1st and 2nd, 2014

Contest Period: 1700Z Saturday, February 1st until 2359Z Sunday, February 2nd.

Object: Contact as many stations as possible on 160,80,40,20,15,10 and All VHF bands including 6M. Work each station once per band and mode.

WARC band, Cross band and Repeater QSO's are not permitted.

Suggested frequencies: Phone: 1.860, 3.960, 7.260, 14.260, 21.360, 28.360, 50.145 CW: 1.825, 3.550, 7.050, 14.050, 21.050, 28.050, 50.950

VHF - around customary calling frequencies or on simplex frequencies.

All Stations should operate with regard to the ARRL Band Plans.


NOTE: For award purposes all stations are considered to be operating in the same category. Stations may operate the following categories.

  • Single: Single Operator, one transmitter (SO).
  • Multi-Single: Multiple operators, one transmitter (MS).
  • No Multi-Multi operations allowed.

Use of packet spotting is encouraged. Self spotting is allowed and does not affect the entry category.

Power Categories:

Stations must operate the same power category for the entire contest.

  • High Power: Greater than 150 watts (>150 watts)
  • Low Power: Less than or equal to 150 watts (< = 150 watts)
  • Qrp: Less than or equal to 5 watts (< = 5 watts)

Contest Exchange:

  • Stations outside Delaware send signal report in the format of 'nn' or 'nnn' and state/province or DXCC country prefix. 
  • Stations in Delaware send signal report in the format of 'nn' or 'nnn' and Delaware county abbreviation (NEW, KEN, SUS).
  • All times are to be in UTC.

Valid Contact:

  • Stations outside Delaware: Work Delaware stations once per band and mode.
  • Delaware stations: Work anyone once per band and mode.

QSO Points:

  • Count one point (1) per phone (SSB or FM) QSO.
  • Count two points (2) per CW or Digital Mode QSO .


  • Multipliers are by band and mode.
  • Delaware stations use U.S. States (including Delaware), Canadian Provinces and DXCC countries as multipliers.  Since Delaware stations working other Delaware stations are exchanging and logging counties, the first QSO with a Delaware station on each band and mode scores 1multiplier for the state of Delaware.
  • Stations outside of Delaware use Delaware Counties (3) as multipliers, New Castle (NEW), Kent (KEN) and Sussex (SUS). 
  • "Maritime mobile QSOs score QSO points only" since their DXCC actual location can not be determined.


  • Stations can be worked on 3 modes per band: CW, PH and Digital. All non-CW digital QSOs are RY in the Cabrillo log

Power Multiplier:

Stations not indicating power level within their log will be scored as a operating with greater then 150 watts.

  • Greater then 150 watts (>150 watts), total score X1
  • 150 watts or less (< = 150 watts), total score X2
  • 5 watts or less (< = 5 watts), total score X3


  • Final Score = QSO points x Location multipliers x Power multiplier + 50 point electronic submission bonus, if applicable.


  • No paper logs with more then 50 contacts will be accepted for award credit.
  • Electronic entries are STRONGLY encouraged and should include a complete Cabrillo format log. If your software does not provide that option, include a summary file and log file in plain text format. Logs should indicate times in UTC, bands, modes, calls and complete exchange.
  • Please remember if your software only outputs ADIF format there are many ADIF to Cabrillo converters available on the Internet.
  • Cabrillo log filenames must be either 'urCall.log' or "urCall.cbr'.
  • The ARRL-SECTION:tag (or v3.0 LOCATION:tag) is used to identify DE stations in log checking software. ie:ARRL-SECTION:DE or LOCATION:DE.
  • Paper entries are to use the provided summary and log sheets. Summary Sheets, Log Sheets
  • Electronic entries must be sent via e-mail within 30 days to
    (Cabrillo format preferred). Make sure to put your call sign and DEQSO in Subject Line, example: (K3QBD DE QSO Party Log).
  • Paper logs with less then 50 contacts may be sent within 30 days to DE QSO Party P. O. Box 1050, Newark, Delaware 19715-1050

Awards will be presented to the following:

  • Top 3 scoring stations in Delaware
  • Top 3 scoring stations in each Delaware County
  • Top 3 scoring Stations in the Continental United States
  • Top 3 scoring DX stations